Set a new standard

Mission Statement & Goals

Whitney is a graduate of The Institute of Integrative Nutrition, with a health coach certification. She has special interests in the practices of Ayurveda, and Plant-based diets, with comprehensive knowledge of over 100 dietary theories, and holistic wellness practices. She is an aspiring holistic chef in the professional chef program at the Natural Gourmet Institute in New York City, with the ultimate goal of being a personal chef to touring talent. 

I have always been interested in food, and intrigued with how much control we have over the way we feel, just based on what we eat. This came into super sharp focus for me 3 years ago, during a transitional time in my career, when I decided to move away from the sphere of hair and fashion, and towards the hobbies that I truly love and relied on to offset the growing unhappiness I felt on a daily basis. Fitness, cooking for myself and loved ones, are my happy place, and once I realized I could make these pure interests of mine a career, it changed my life. 

I've chosen to work with touring talents, particularly musicians, because I spent most of my 20's at shows, and jumping on tours with friends. There, I noticed unhealthy lifestyle habits inhibiting performances, and seriously endangering the lives and careers of otherwise wonderfully talented people, and I wanted to help and support them. I love the energy and atmosphere of being on tour, and understand the importance of creating a routine, carving out time for exercise, meditation, and all of the aspects of holistic wellness that makes a person balanced. 




My mission as a certified holistic health coach is to teach my clients to pay attention to their own body, and educate them on the importance of nutrition, and over all well-being to function at the highest level possible.  I follow Ayurvedic principles and practices, and cook whole foods based on the theory of bio-individuality, which is that every person digests foods differently. 



My goals are to instill curiosity and enthusiasm around a healthy lifestyle. This should be fun! We all want to feel good, and we all have to eat, so it should be a nutritious and enjoyable experience, as well as a time to reflect or connect. I provide clients with the knowledge of how to engage with themselves in the every day practices of wellness in their environment