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 What does a Health Coach do, exactly?

Counseling when the issues are diet related, are dare I say, the easy part. Eating healthily is pretty straight forward, and for the most part, very teachable. But when the issues are emotional and mental well-being, that’s when it gets really interesting, and has a feeling like “Ah, now we are getting somewhere!”

Creating space, or more than likely, elbowing, shoving, kicking around some space for someone to address what’s happening for them as a dynamic human being is the part of my job that feels like moves are being made in a valuable way.

How is that done, exactly? When I sit down with clients, regardless of what they do, which ranges from business owners, to artists, designers, musicians, athletes, I want to know what their intrinsic values are, and what motivates them to do what they do. Next, I want to know where their personal road block is in feeling physically, mentally, emotionally well, in regards to everyday thoughts and actions. From there, we break down where improvements can be made.

Much like a mosh-pit, life gets crazy, and you get pulled in lots of different directions, so it helps to have someone like a Holistic Health Coach to pull you up when you’re slipping, or coasting, or just dazed by the everyday, the banal minutiae of it all.

Like most things in life, it starts with taking one step in a direction you want to go in, and making lots of small decisions to support that goal.