Meals: Plan & Prepare

Preparation is half the battle. I will help you break down food prep methods that fit your lifestyle, as well as your nutritional needs. Giving you the knowledge and freedom of choosing custom menus helps you stay curious and motivated to reach your holistic health goals.

Meal options:

  • Customized weekly menus where I curate meals to meet your personal goals

  • Weekly meal prep services where I prepare meals for you

Why is nutrition and approaching holistic health so important?

A healthy diet and proper levels of hydration are the quickest ways to see positive changes in physical and mental health.

There are 8 pillars of holistic health to consider: physical, mental, emotional, social, environmental, spiritual, financial, and intellectual. I encourage clients to think big, start small. Every success starts with a single step, whether that is deciding to start the day with lemon water, or a dramatic mental shift. Every move is important, which also means there are many opportunities to stay on the healthiest path, and course correct when needed.