Set a new standard


My mission as a certified Holistic health coach is to hold space for my clients to realize the relationship they have with themselves and the world through nutrition and holistic well-being, and the tools to move forward. As a personal holistic chef, I am well versed in ancient Ayurvedic principles and practices, and cooking for holistic health that I then apply to the bio-individuality of my clients. 

Returning from tour looking and feeling healthier is what I can do for artists, so that can resume life and projects without skipping a beat.




Whitney is a life long music lover, Midwesterner at heart, and food enthusiast. 


Her first live show was watching her brother-in-law's band at a summer music festival in 1995, at the age of 12. She was mesmerized and after the show, wanted to know every detail of how it all came together and what it felt like to be on stage. Those same interests carried into her teen and adult years, leading to friendships with musicians, sound engineers, technicians, and all kinds of characters involved in touring and making music. In between shows in St. Louis, she attended and graduated beauty school immediately after high school. She spent a few years cultivating friendships in the St, Louis music scene, eventually deciding to move to New York to pursue a serious hair career in 2008. Upon arrival in NYC, she landed a position assisting a prestigious hair colorist, who introduced her to the fast-paced world of working as a colorist in the glossy editorial world. While assisting, an old St. Louis music friend introduced her to an NYC music manager, who would become her longterm partner, and play a key role in introducing her to the rock veterans and industry peers he worked with. Once again, she was mesmerized by the people who made music and wanted to help them give the best performance possible, in any way she could. When she came along on business trips to see her partner's bands, and they came to stay with them in their NYC home, she was realizing cooking for everyone and making sure everyone was at ease was really what provided her with a sense of purpose. A couple of years later,  that relationship ended, so she put her head down and hustled harder than ever at the only thing she knew professionally, which was hair. That resulted in success in the editorial world, and a position at an art collective, coloring hair for the likes of Oh Land, top models, and editorial work in Vogue, Elle, and Numero, to name a few. She considered herself to be working with the best, yet something was still missing. As a way to figure it out, Whitney began working out heavily, gaining insight into her motivations and happiness. During that time, nutrition became a huge focus, as well as theories on inflammation, immune health, and natural energy sources. She quickly decided to enroll in the nutrition program at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, left her job at the collective, and never looked back. Now, combining her love and kid-like curiosity of all things music and performance related, cooking, veganism, holistic health, and activism, she has finally found her true calling in working with bands on tour to help them give their best performance possible. She has personally experienced tour life,  and really understands and appreciates the need to be of sound mind and body on the road. Her nutrition counseling includes finding the right balance of nutritional, mental, emotional, family & friend connections, career, and spiritual needs. She is also a self-made vegan chef, specializing in immunity and recovery, anti-inflammation, energy, sleep rhythms, and diets that support Ayurvedic principals. There is no where else in the world she would rather be, than on tour, helping musicians who have inspired her for a lifetime.