Whitney is a graduate of The Institute of Integrative Nutrition, with a holistic health coach certification.  She consults on creative menus supporting the concept bio-individuality. Marrying her interests in nutrition with her love of music, she's created a niche clientele of artists who appreciate how a shift towards health awareness can positively impact performances and life on the road.

 "I have always been fascinated by musicians, their creative processes, and what they need to make a performance or the recording process successful. My way of supporting that is through my interests in food, and balanced lifestyle practices.

"I've chosen to work with touring talents, particularly musicians, because I spent most of my adult life at shows, and jumping on tours with friends. There, I fell in love with the explosive energy of the performances, freedom of traveling, and meeting tons of people, Along the way, I noticed unhealthy lifestyle habits inhibiting performances, and I wanted to help and support them. I understand the importance of creating a routine, carving out time for exercise, meditation, and all of the aspects of holistic wellness that makes a person balanced. I also love the weird, adventurous, but somehow functional lifestyle of tour, and being a useful part of a team, supporting musicians in a healthy, thoughtful way"