Bagel & Lox

Carrot lox has all the flavor of the classic salmon version, an eerily similar texture, and a way smaller eco footprint than using actual salmon. This one is a little time intensive, but if you make it in a batch to snack on throughout the week, you'll be surprised at all the other dishes it pairs well with. Or have some people over for a weekend brunch and impress them with this version.


-4-5C kosher salt

-5 medium carrots

-a heavy pour of EVOO


-1t liquid smoke

-2T tamari

-container of your favorite vegan cream cheese. (I like kite hill)

-fresh dill

-balsamic capers

Take a glass pyrex and cover the entire bottom of the dish in kosher salt. Fit as many carrots as you can into the dish on top of the salt, being careful to not let the carrot touch the glass. Cover all your carrots with more salt. I'm talking completely covered.

-Bake in oven at 350 for 1 hour

-Take out of the oven and crack the salt on top and take the carrots out

-Once they get cool enough to touch, start using a peeler to peel of slices that are already looking like salmon

-Add olive oil, tamari, liquid smoke, and apple cider vinegar to a container. Put your carrot peels into the mixture, and leave in your fridge for 2 days to fully marinate. Toss the carrots around a bit in the interim to make sure every piece is coated

-Next, I took plain vegan cream cheese and added fresh dill, topped that with balsamic capers, and more dill

Throughout the week, I used this lox in pasta dishes, salads, and wraps for a serious savory flavor punch up.