PB&J protein balls

These are great as snacks, breakfast, post work out, or just a quick bite to hold you over before a meal. 


1/2 c white quinoa

4 T maple syrup, add 1t vanilla extract

2T plant protein powder

2C nuts butter

3 T milled chia seeds

1/2 C dried fruit

-Take white quinoa and soak in vanilla and maple syrup for about 20 min 

-Add any nut butter you want, any plant based protein you like, milled chia seed, and dried strawberries. Mix it all together in a bowl and scoop out portions and shape into balls. 

I find that freezing these helps to keep the shape and consistency, and is more travel friendly that way.

This snack is aimed at quick muscle tissue recovery via the sugars in maple syrup, and protein in the nut butter.