Raw thai veggie wraps with spicy cashew sauce

Raw wraps are easy to prepare, and good for a quick burst of real nutrient energy.


-head of savoy or preferred cabbage or leafy green

-1 each of red, yellow, and orange peppers

-1 bunch of mint and basil each

-1 container cashews

-1 lime

-2t tamari (or to taste)

-1t maple syrup (or to taste)

-red pepper flakes (optional)

-Chop up colorful vegetables like red, yellow, and orange peppers, cucumbers, purple cabbage, and carrots. I used savoy cabbage as the wrap, because it's substantial enough to hold the weight of all the fillings you could want, and it has a nice mild flavor.

-For the cashew sauce, soak cashews in hot water for an hour, then put them in the food processor with lime juice, tamari, maple syrup, and red pepper flakes to taste. This dish increases Vata Dosha, is full of vitamins and minerals.